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Welcome to the Collinsville Tepee Website
A Fun, Safe Center For Collinsville Illinois Teens

Social Gathering for 7th Grade and 8th Grade

Collinsville Tepee is
opening on October 3rd!!!

Open Letter

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  • Chaperones
  • Limited Entry to Chaperones and Students Only
  • Identification Required

DJ and Dancing


The Collinsville Tepee is dedicated to the mission of providing a fun, safe atmosphere where Collinsville 7th and 8th Graders can socialize. Tepee is a safe environment where teens can interact, play games as well as dance to a DJ. Food and Drink is provided at a minimal cost.
The Collinsville Tepee has been in place since the 1950's
where it has provided generations the opportunity for a safe, social gathering place.
The Collinsville Tepee Inc is a not for profit organization. Funding for Collinsville Tepee is provided through fundraising during May Dance. Organizers as well as participants work to gain donations through May Dance in order to maintain Collinsville Tepee's financial needs.
The Collinsville Tepee members as well as the Adult Board thank everyone for their hard work and contributions to keep Tepee running for its teen population.
Collinsville Tepee has been a Collinsville institution for decades and the mission is still clear to provide a fun, safe place for teens to socialize. Teepee
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